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Connect Your Leads is here to help you accomplish your business goals for maximum profitability. Our trusted, national, leads exchange gives your agents direct access to the nation’s top, inbound, leads for your unique verticals.


Buy & Sell Leads Nationwide

How Does the Onboarding Process Work When Creating a Leads Buy or Sell Program?

Screening Process: Your dedicated account manager will work with you to determine your agreed upon parameters for each call. Through our hosted IVR you’ll gain access to the customers who make the correct, buyer intent, keypresses.

Please note: On average, across all verticals, we experience 18 – 26% of all callers select the sales line when they are actually looking to speak to customer service. Due to this fact, we know not every call can be a new account opportunity and have built this into our pricing structure.

What Can I Expect for Campaign Hours of My Sales Campaign?

As lead purchaser, you choose your call center hours. Calls will be delivered during this predetermined timeframe and billed if they meet the specified parameters.

If you have any unique call center hours (i.e. Holidays, special closures, etc.), simply supply them to your account manager within a 5-business day window. This ensures our staff has the appropriate amount of time to properly route and test your campaign. If our team is not informed of new instances, calls will continue to be delivered during normal business hours.

What are Your Payment Terms?

Our payment terms are Weekly Net 7; partners may pay via ACH or check. A one-time deposit is required for new partners. No chargebacks are applied for customer service calls. Fraudulent calls will be reviewed and credited where applicable.

What are the Billable Call Parameters?

Connect Your Leads hosts the IVR screening process and ensures you won’t get billed for the same caller within the same week.

How Long Does it Take to Launch a New Sales Campaign?

Connect Your Leads can launch new initiatives within 48 business hours.

When is a Call Considered Billable?

Calls are considered billable if they reach the agreed upon connection duration and additional parameters.

Can I Cancel or Pause My Campaign?

Campaigns can be temporarily paused or canceled within 5-days of a request.

Do You Access Direct Buyers?

Here at Connect Your Leads, we pride ourselves on our unrivaled access to direct buyers, meaning higher payouts for you.

Do You Offer Real-Time Reporting?

Our call tracking system allows you to monitor campaign performance with reports, updated in real-time.

What Kind of Support Will You Have for Your Leads Program?

When you have an issue, you want to talk to a real person. With Connect Your Leads, you receive hands-on, support when you need it most.

What is the Payment Schedule for My Leads?

Get paid faster with Connect Your Leads! We pay our publishers on-time and on a weekly basis.Billable Leads from Connect Your Leads

What Marketing Sources are Allowed on My Leads Campaign?

All marketing sources must be approved before any call is paid for. Connect Your Leads has partners who generate leads through various marketing sources. Talk to your account manager for a list of unapproved sources.

What Can I Expect for Campaign Hours?

It depends on the campaign. Your Connect Your Leads account manager will provide you with call center hours.

Can I Advertise Nationwide With My Leads Campaign?

It depends on the campaign. Some require geo-targeting. Your Connect Your Leads account manager will provide you with regions if necessary.

Does Connect Your Leads Provide Creative Designs or Assets?

We can! If you already have creative designs or assets, Connect Your Leads will need to approve it before any calls are paid for.

What are the Billable Call Parameters?

In order for a call to be billable, it must last longer than a predetermined duration and be unique within 30 days.

What Are the Verticals In Which You Sell or Buy Leads?

  • Satellite TV
  • Internet & TV Providers
  • Satellite Internet
  • Generic TV
  • Generic Internet
  • Home Security
  • Generic Home Security
  • Credit Repair
  • Home Warranty
  • Home Improvement

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